Rose 2021 (3-Liter Box)
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Rose 2021 (3-Liter Box)
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Our 2021 Vin Rosé is 100% Grenache crafted in the Provençal style (dry, crisp, and refreshing). Our 2021 rendition is a beautiful cherry pink/ salmon in color, with mouth-watering aromas of strawberry and raspberry-cream, leading to flavors of berry, watermelon and mineral with a spritz of tart cherry. This is wine to enjoy throughout the outdoor season. Whether in the fridge door, on the pool deck, or on a boat—take this one along on your summer meanderings!   

Available only in the 3-Liter box (= 4 bottles @22 per bottle, before discounts) 

The box is especially convenient in the fridge or ice chest, and there's no glass bottle to worry about by the pool or on the raft. Unlike a bottle, no air is allowed into the box as you dispense the wine, so you can tap it over an extended period time...even weeks, if it lasts that long!

Below are some review of last year's Rosé:

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Paul Connolly's Gravatar
Paul Connolly
(May 12, 2021 at 9:12 AM)
This rose is dangerously good. We keep a box in the fridge and it does not last long. Rick has produced a real winner. Two thumbs up!

Jaime While's Gravatar
Jaime While
(Sep 17, 2021 at 11:09 PM)
This is by far my favorite Rosé. Rick and Jim do a wonderful job, and the box makes it so convenient to have a glass without feeling the need to drink an entire bottle. One day I'll get a bottle stopper, but until then (okay and let's be honest, if I ever spend money on one it will be a waste because I'll still buy this wine) I have my Amphora Rosé to enjoy day in and out.